@thegryphonsrespite wanted to see a Roseluck. This is the first time I’ve drawn her. ._. Shame on me!
safe2192500 artist:ncmares749 roseluck6271 earth pony608107 pony1868802 chest fluff64082 cute252750 featured image339 female1648196 grin60659 looking at you263271 mare891144 pink background6546 simple background599586 smiling398523 smiling at you28494 solo1478276 underhoof69138 waving4302 waving at you371


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goodbye forever
My bro wrote the comment below, sry
@twiface Maybe it could be an overreaction, but why not to take thing with ease, instead of a crap comment to make a person feeling guilty and wrong about such pity stuff as editing a pony picture? It is unkind.

goodbye forever
@Finn Mertens
Is that for you such a problem, dramaseeker? If another person would do that, no one would complain yet, it would be considered as funny, but as always, if I do something like this, some illogical person like you pops out from nowhere and attacks. You had to do this, don’t you? Your mind was itching and you couldn’t stand to not hit me with this. To derail a sensitive person for barely a reason, it is because people as you sense occasion and love when I suffer and do self harm.
I was referencing to the post of someone, who pointed out that the poster name was “fuck you”. I did so bad, I so fucking sorry for ruining your life by editing a picture in a humorous way. Everything I do is bad, but if one of you people do like this, answers would surely sound like “haha nice edit man, lol etc”, hipokryto jebany.
Being nice is not limited to being soft at words.
Feather Sky

Never grow up
“I~ gonna put my hooves up high, don’t worry about tomorrow ‘cause I’m here tonight.”
This song just came up in my mind when I saw this drawing. :D